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Scope of Services
& Capability Statement

WatersMark Seal: Trusted By Those Most TrustedNew Seal Stuff Arambys Trusted By Those Most Trusted SGWatersMark Capability Statement (Click Here or The Image For Quick View) WatersMark is the strategic wellspring and union of proven real estate development, banking, marketing & operational experts. Founded as an answer to the prevailing inefficiencies found throughout the global real estate services industry, WatersMark has all the resources, contacts, experience, and talent found in a large firm, but with the dexterity and accessibility of a small enterprise.

Collectively, WatersMark Directors have nearly a century and billions of dollars of fiduciary executive experience in the real estate related services industry. WatersMark is the answer for Global Real Estate Solutions.

WatersMark… Trusted By Those Most Trusted.

Scope of Services-

Hospitality & Property Management: WatersMark team members have served as fiduciary stewards of physical assets collectively valued in the billions, which have intern, during their watchful tenure, generated over $1 billion in revenues.

Concept, Design & Land Planning: WatersMark team members have an unsurpassed track record of conceptualizing and creating intuitive and singularly unique master plans around the globe which maximize realization of the assets revenue potential.

Construction Management: WatersMark team members have been directly responsible for management and oversight of over $15 billion of construction projects.

Engineering & Permitting: Arambys team members have provided full-spectrum consulting, engineering, and permitting services for billions of dollars of projects around the globe, for the biggest names in the most recognized destinations.

Public Relations, Marketing, Media Production & Sales: WatersMark team members have been the guiding force behind multimillion dollar public relations campaigns, marketing action plans, media productions, and sales teams resulting in and generating hundreds of millions of revenues.

Government & Investor Relations: WatersMark team members have played decisive roles in the collective negotiation and signing of billions of dollars of national and multinational development, funding, and tax agreements with investors and governments alike.

Financial Assessment & Econometrics: WatersMark team members have a honed and intuitive awareness of how to identify key economic market indicators and properly assimilate their direct and indirect impact on the economic development matrix.

Quantity Surveying & Procurement: WatersMark team members have collectively sourced and procured billions of dollars of construction and perishable goods, providing extraordinary purchasing power from their long-standing vendors and provisioners.

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