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Jamaica... A Commonwealth realm

Third Largest Island of the Greater Antilles, The Caribbean

Jamaica (from the native Taino word “haymaca” meaning “land of wood and water” or possibly “land of springs”) is a Caribbean island nation, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494 and settled by the Spanish early in the 16th century. This Caribbean nation has a lush topography of mountains, rainforests and reef-lined beaches. The island is 4,240 sq mi in area, lies about 90 miles south of Cuba and 119 miles west of Hispaniola (the island containing Haïti and the Dominican Republic). This English speaking nation is the fourth-largest island country in all the Caribbean Islands, by area, with a population of about three million people.

Jamaica is the famed birthplace of reggae music (and of course Bob Marley) and is known known for its British-colonial architecture; its rich history; its numerous, luxurious all-inclusive resorts clustered in Montego Bay (very close to the Drax Hall Estate); and its unsurpassed diving locations (e.g. Negril, Jamaica).

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